Monday, April 30, 2012

The "pitfalls" of the #Arabic language

A wonderful project aims to create a #dictionary of technology and social media related terminology. It is a necessary project because it will help people use the Internet in the Arabic language.

The one thing that is quite telling is that it aims to add this terminology to classical Arabic and that it refers to "the many different Arabic dialects".

When Muslims learn the Quran, they learn a language as it was spoken in the days of the prophet Muhammed. The Arabic language itself has evolved in the mean time in many distinctly different ways. As such it can be compared to the Latin language, that brought us Italian, French, Spanish..

The question is to what extend a dictionary of modern words will become part of what is after all a classical language and be adopted. It is however very much a wonderful enterprise, it may even standardise the targeted terminology in all the Arabic languages.
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