Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sisters are doing it for themselves

#Wikipedia has sister projects. They are mighty fine sisters too. They have their own purpose, their own communities and their own public. It is easy to argue that Wikipedia on its own will never provide people with the sum of all knowledge as Wikipedia restricts itself to encyclopaedic content.

As the siblings of Wikipedia are not getting the attention they deserve, there is now a "Sister Projects Committee" that will seek a remedy.

On the talk page many issues, opportunities are mentioned. One of them is close to my heart; it is to coordinate Wiktionary and OmegaWiki. OmegaWiki was always ready to be adopted by the Wikimedia Foundation, this never happened. Now that Wikidata is being prepared for development, it will be interesting to learn if the new project will be capable to surpass OmegaWiki in its support for multiple languages. When it does, it will be interesting to see if Wikidata is able and willing to go where OmegaWiki wants to go and share the journey.

As there are more sister projects, all with their own opportunities, it will help when they get more of the attention Wikipedians take for granted.
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