Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Reading the wiki of "other" #Wikimedia chapters

With the announcement of the Chapter Council Steering Committee who will prepare the way for 26 chapters to join a Wikimedia Chapters Association, the need to communicate will become even more obvious for the chapters that are involved. Obviously chapters primarily exist for the people who live in the area or the country that is the remit of that chapter. The "language of the land" will therefore take centre stage on their wiki.

When visitors from abroad can navigate the essential pages of a Wiki, it will help a lot when these pages are translated. They will want to know the basic information, the monthly reports.. Once published, they are all fairly static and consequently they are prime candidates for translation.

When the websites used by the chapters are wikis, it will be easy to implement the Translate extension. Once a visitor has arrived and selects a language in the preferences, translated pages will show up in this language will show when the "mylanguage" special page is used in the Wiki link. The syntax is like this:
[[Special:Mylanguage/Article name|Article name]]
If you refer to pages that are translated in this way reading the content becomes more convenient.

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