Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mariano Baptista, a president of #Bolivia

At the #Occitan #Wikipedia, minimal information is required. It gets most of its data from Wikidata. As an experiment I added information for Mariano Baptista, who was president of Bolivia from 1892 to 1896. The choice for Mr Baptista was made because I changed his profession on the Spanish Wikipedia in order for my bot to pick this up.

The most relevant thing to Mr Baptista is that he was "president of Bolivia" so I selected the Wikidata item of that name for the property "Office held". I added the usual qualifiers and had another look at the effect. It shows as "Lista dels presidents de BolĂ­via".

It is probably the nearest Wikipedia article to the office of President of Bolivia but for the purpose of identifying the office it is not that good. There are two options, change the label in the items or create a new item for the office of the president of Bolivia.

PS While I was writing this blogpost, Capsot had expanded the article with some text :) There is also no script error for this article..

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