Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The #Wikipedia toolbar refers to #Wikidata

Quietly an option has been added to the Toolbar; it is the "Data item". It refers to the data item for a Wikipedia or Wikivoyage article in Wikidata.

When you add content to Wikidata, this functionality is really valuable. With one click you find the corresponding Wikidata item even when there is only one article on the subject. It is particularly helpful when there is no label in the language you selected in Wikidata to be the default."

The bug 47911 is largely redundant as a result. It was created because at that time this option was not available. What is left but not that relevant is the inconsistent behaviour of the "Edit links" at the bottom of all the interlanguage links.

Any way, the "Data item" deserves recognition as a "Featured Wikidata effort".
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