Friday, August 16, 2013

The #Occitan #Wikipedia and #Wikidata

The Modèl:Infobox or the Infobox template on the Occitan Wikipedia relies heavily on Wikidata. The information shown depends heavily on the statements made for a subject.

I checked out a random person, Bernat de Ventadorn from the list of articles that make use of this template and, there was no picture. I checked out an article in another language and found one that had a picture in its infobox. I added the picture in Wikidata. With a refresh of the screen the pictures now shows for everyone to see.

It is fun to contribute to a Wikipedia without understanding a word :)

I since found out that the date of birth and the date of death are not part of what the current template is interested in.. Adding this information now is an investment for the moment when the software is improved.

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