Friday, August 14, 2015

#Wikidata - Mr Sundar Pichai

I heard of a dispute about the facts of Mr Pichai's study by Wikipedians. That was yesterday so I hoped that some of that discussion would transpire at the item for Mr Pichai.

Mr Pichai's item is indeed in need of serious attention. The stated place of birth should be more specific and, his education has the same school entered twice for no obvious reason. He was born in India but Wikidata has him as an "Indian American" for whatever reason.

The information when you Google Mr Pichai is much better. When Google and Wikidata were to compare each others records, the Wikidata item would certainly be flagged as problematic.

As a lot of Wikipedians have invested serious attention to Mr Pichai, comparing the Wikipedia article will expose the weakness of the Wikidata entry. I am not particularly interested in Mr Pichai, I leave it for someone else to sort this out.
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