Thursday, August 06, 2015

#Wikidata - #garbage in, garbage out

Wikidata has a problem. It does not have a process of indicating that data is suspect. When I wrote about Mrs Clinton, I indicated that two properties had the same label and that its content was mixed up. It was suggested that the two properties should be merged in answer it was then indicated that the two properties are distinct and should be kept. The problem we are left with is that the content of both properties can not be relied on.

As there is no way to indicate that single statements are suspect or correct, there is a mess. There is no way to fix such a mess.

When other sources include this data, it is possible to use them to have statements use the correct property based on what those sources say. Include a reference and one statement is fixed. The problem is that Wikidata distrusts other sources. It shows in the reluctance to embrace data from other sources. It shows in the reluctance in accepting that a lot of data is flawed in its core; particularly when it is flawed in its definition.

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