Sunday, December 11, 2005

Even handed approach

There was one great thing said in a presentation of Flemish. When you research if a word is particular to a dialect, it is as relevant to know what words are NOT part of that particular dialect. There are therefore different situations:
  • A word is specific to the dialect
  • A word is used both in all areas where the language is spoken
  • A word is not used in the dialect but specific to the parts where the dialect is not spoken,
This aproach would be a NPOV aproach. The research that is needed to find these words is difficult. One scientific aproach would be by presenting people a text and ask them to correct this.

This aproach is not problematic when you consider the Dutch and Belgian situation, languages / dialects like Andalusian are much more problematic because people will bring political dimensions to it. The history of the creation of new wikipedia project often proves that a language is a dialect with an army.


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Anonymous said...

...a language is a dialect with an army

Very true.