Sunday, December 25, 2005

More pressies

Today I received another present. Angela informed me that a gentleman from Australia became aware that we might be interested in a machine translation engine. This is absolutely great news. Because the engine is an "n-gram" based design. This means that it has the potential to function for many languages. One other most relevant detail is that it has a small footprint.

Important is that even when this software is not and does not become Free software, we will be able to cooperate.. This is the key thing of the Ultimate Wiktionary project.

PS I received an e-mail from Erik that he is importing the GEMET data into a Wikidata database.. It does a cool 1.000 records a minute.

PS2 I am also celebrating Christmas. But I am in two minds.. I want this soo bad. How much do I want to be like a Santa bringing good cheer.. :)

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