Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Linguists go Wikipedia

In a previous post I mentioned that as part of the funding drive for the Linguist list, the subscribers of the list were asked to vote with their wallet. They did, and an intern will be paid to organise an editorial update of the Wikipedia pages on linguistics. The idea is that the many thousands of linguist that are subscribed to the linguist list will ensure that notable linguists like Eve Clark and Tanya Reinhart will get a mention.

Consider, this is a leading list of some 14,649 linguists that will be urged to help us improve both the quality and the quantity of the coverage of the field of linguistics.

I am really exited about this.



David Gerard said...

Excellent! Which language Wikipedias will they be contributing on?

GerardM said...

This effort will be very centred on the English language Wikipedia.. This project is a reaction on an effort that is taking place / took place on the Russian language Wikipedia..


Barbara Partee said...

But speaking as the linguist who noted the effort that has been organized for the Russian Wikipedia (ongoing now; I'm now part of it) and made the suggestion to the Linguist List which they followed up on so nicely, I conjecture that linguists being linguists, I would bet that it will spread to other language Wikipedias soon!
-- and I certainly hope that earlier comment about 'puff pieces' was indeed kidding. I was about to feel really offended!! If it wasn't kidding, I'm prepared to write a long article about the volunteer efforts linguists make to help educate the public for all the kinds of reasons that education about everything is important for a democracy. Not to 'sell' anything!