Thursday, April 26, 2007

Skype ..

I have been using Skype for so long now. It is absolutely essential to me. Today I had a first and, the person I spoke to also had a first in the way we were using Skype. To her Skype is an essential tool too.

I spoke with Valerie Sutton, her first was to use Skype and actually listen to it. Valerie is using Skype with video and uses sign language to communicate.

For me it was a first to actually see Valerie while communicating on Skype. It was all really accidental; I was about to disconnect when I found that the video was actually supported as well.

We discussed licenses.. I asked for some pictures to illustrate Wikipedia articles that are about sign languages. She told me that i could have any picture of her that I wanted and have it under a Free license.. We discussed the quality of pictures as well..

Now that the conversation is over, I thought of this, I would like to have a video fragment with every Wikipedia article about a sign language and have someone who is native in that language sign it :)

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