Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is it a Wiki ?

OmegaWiki is a wiki. Some people however disagree; they consider the fixed format conclusive evidence why it is not. As the software is maturing, this argument loses a lot of its lustre. Obviously we have been saying that these people are wrong all along :)

The best argument why OmegaWiki is a wiki is because people can add/ change little items one at a time, they are not compelled to do everything at one go. As this is acceptable, our data has to be correct but does not necessarily need to be complete.

With the new terminological support; we can now indicate that a language is a language, all kinds of additional information can be added once you have stated that it is a language. Have a look at French for instance, the "incoming relations" and the annotations provide a lot of information. As the moment of writing it is not yet clear that French is an official language of France for instance.

With the expansion of existing classes, with the expansion of the class attributes information will become more available and integrated. The best bit is that as the OmegaWiki specific user interface can be translated in many language people will be challenged to ensure that the right terminology is used in translation.

With the new functionality OmegaWiki became much more wiki. It is there for every one to see, and everyone is cordially invited to have a look, create a user, add some Babel templates and have a go at it.

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