Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kotava - another constructed language

Kotava is a constructed language. There is yet not article in the English Wikipedia, there is an article in eight other language.. (myth busting; if it is not in the English Wikipedia, it is not in Wikipedia).

At this moment Kotava is not eligible for a Wikipedia, it will not be enabled for editing in OmegaWiki. It does not have an ISO-639-3 code yet. What is special is that there are clear indications that the process for a code is under way. The code is likely to be "avk".

At OmegaWiki there is a Kotava enthusiast who has started a lot of the preparations for another language. It will be given once the code is official. For a Wikipedia, they may ask for a Kotava Wikipedia. With the ISO process under way, the language committee does not have to do anything until the code is granted.

It is great that the language committee has reserved the right to do nothing..

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