Saturday, December 29, 2007

Farmer; tactical technology

Farmer is an extension for MediaWiki. Farmer helps with the maintenance of Wiki farms and enables changes to the configuration from a Web interface. The reason why I blog about it is because it is one of those little gems that may make a difference in making MediaWiki more popular.

MediaWiki can be found in an NGO in a box. This is an initiative of Tactical Tech, an organisation that aims to "demystify technology for non profits". The big selling points for MediaWiki are the many people that know MediaWiki through Wikipedia and the many languages that are supported by it.

Recently farmer was welcomed as an extension in BetaWiki, and the developers active at BetaWiki have been working hard at improving the messaging of Farmer. Farmer will make the maintenance of MediaWiki less challenging. With its messages translated in more and more languages, MediaWiki becomes more and more tactical technology.


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