Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WOSI, a really cool Open Source/Standards project

WOSI is a project of a Dutch school, the HVA, working on a software environment for "woningcorporaties". A woningcorporatie is an organisation that is involved in public housing. As an organisation they are genuinely capital intensive, their IT requirements are complex and evolving.

The objective of the school is to provide an environment for their students that will give them a real feel for what it is like to work in the ICT business and teach them Open Source and Open Standards. Students that are part of this project will experience that a project does not start from scratch, there is always something to build upon, there are always conflicting requirements, there is always the need to ensure interoperability because the use of Open Standards is a precondition.

The WOSI project is in its second year and, it is growing in size. Students from other disciplines are getting involved as there is overlap with other specialties like communications and marketing. More woningbouwcorporaties are interested in the project as well as other schools. The great thing is that as Open Source and Open Standards are key to this curriculum, professionals will be released to the job market that know how to apply these notions in real world scenarios. This is likely to prove the biggest boon to this really cool project.


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