Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maria Catlin-a

My friend Bèrto became a father of a beautiful baby girl, Maria Catlin-a. Bèrto is a happy man; his wife and his daughter are well and he does not have time to sit, drink or smoke. For a man living in Kiev this is said to be something.

Bèrto is Piedmontese; he loves his language and he wants his daughter to learn to speak Piedmontese. When you are the only one in a big place like Kiev, how do you do it. Bèrto is the guy behind the i-iter website, a website where people can call in and leave a recorded message that can be heard on the website. This service is very much to help people overcome their reluctance in voicing or writing in their language.

Bèrto told me that he is now going to ask people to record stories for Maria Catlin-a. Bedtime stories, fairy tales stories that Berto can have his daughter listen to. Stories that will help her to learn Piedmontese..

I love the idea.

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