Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Mingrelian is a language spoken in Georgia. Ethnologue indicates that some 500.000 people speak the language. We have added this language in OmegaWiki, and the cool thing is the way the language is started. It was started with the import of some sixty language names.

As we have the language enabled on the MediaWiki level, it is now also possible to present the language names in Mingrelian. The way the MediaWiki UI is defined, is that Georgian is to be used as the fall back language. The OmegaWiki software uses the MediaWiki 1.10alpha (r26222). What we can expect when we update MediaWiki is that the localisation will be improved. Many wikis will benefit in this way.

BetaWiki is the MediaWiki wiki for localisation. It is also the place where really cool experiments are taking place. I noticed the other day that they have this cool widget where you can select your language by just starting to type its name. For me it changes the content really nicely into Dutch. Having something like this for Commons ....
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