Monday, August 11, 2008

Sick or not well

After my return from Alexandria i have not been well. Some call it the "curse of the Pharaoh" but it is a fact that my digestion was not performing in its usual way. I also had this nasty cough that did not go away. Now so many weeks later, I was told in no uncertain terms by my family that I should go and consult my doctor.

I went to the doctor, she send me to the hospital for x-rays. I returned and the verdict was that i have a bronchitis. The doctor subscribed me medicines, as my diarrhea had returned, it was to be a strong medicine that should deal with that too. I was told the return of the diarrhea is most likely due to the fact that the bacteria in the gut need time to recover and consequently I was for the moment a little intollerant for lactose and fructose.I am not to drink milk for a week...

With medicine you get a lengthy piece of paper explaining what it is that this medicine does. It is a lengthy list of things that I could be cured off, it includes things like venereal deseases, ear infections... I am now wondering how many things are cured as a result for a subscription for something completely different.
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