Sunday, August 10, 2008


I read an article on the Time website. It reported about the consequence of the death of Abu Khabab al-Masr, a man who was the acknowledged expert on explosives and the use of poison gas of al-Qaeda. The article uses loaded phrases like "weapons of mass destruction" and is based on information provided by a former CIA officer.

I have a big problem with the information in the artice. I find that as a consequence of all the misinformation that has been provided by both US-American agencies and press agencies in the recent past, I no longer believe what is written. My first instinct is to suspect both sources as being too biased to be believable.

There has been ample proof that information as provided by the current American administration has been doctored to the point where it is a lie. The consequence is that I doubt almost all analysis that can be sourced to the US government and government agencies. I find it really sad because at some stage the US was the centre of the free world. I do not consider the world free when I find that we can no longer trust the information that is made available by our governments.
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