Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bishnupriya on a cutting edge

Bishnupriya is a language of the Indian subcontinent. There is a Wikipedia in this language and it currently has 23k articles and is the number 52 in size. This makes it surprisingly bigger then the Hindi Wikipedia at number54. It is a language that only recently registered on me and I added it as a language to OmegaWiki.I am currently adding loads of translations to the collection of countries and territories and Bishnupriya is on the edge of getting its own status bar in this collection. This means that there will be 10% countries known to OmegaWiki in Bishnupriya.

Currently 23 of the 26 words in Bishnupriya are countries and it is therefore arguably not that big an occasion. It is however part of me raising awareness for "other" languages, how to give languages like Bishnupriya or Maldivian some presence. In my opinion, celebrating little events like this seems appropriate.

It is great for me to enjoy the little things because many little things slowly add up. Sharing these good things may get a smile on your face ... :)
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