Thursday, October 02, 2008

On the monthly Betawiki info

After the release of MediaWiki 1.13 many of the most used messages were altered. The effect of this is obvious in the monthly Betawiki statistics. Last month 112 languages supported 98% of these messages, this month there are 92. This means that we have had people fixing the FUZZIED messages for 92 languages or 28,75 of the languages we support in Betawiki. When you look at the list of Wikipedias, you will find that number 92 has 7488 articles...

The localisation of the extensions is doing well, it continues to improve both for the extensions used by the WMF and for all the other extensions. The numbers for these are small, but it is heartening to see them improve.

Personally I am happy when I was told that the languages that were added recently are doing fine. These are the languages with projects in the Incubator or who have their project started in the last year.

NB Today the Egyptian Arab Wikipedia has been waiting for 77 days for their project to be created. I have asked developers, I have asked Sue and Erik. If there is one thing where the language policy of the Wikimedia Foundation breaks down, it is in a timely implementation of its end result. Given that this is an official policy, there is no excuse.
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