Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 1.13 and 1.12 localisations are updated in SVN

With the large amount of localisation work done at Betawiki over the last few days, we want to share as widely as possible. The most important beneficiaries are all the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. Every day the localisations are committed to SVN. Whenever Brion updates the WMF projects, the latest localisations become available to all Wikipedias, all Wiktionaries, all Wikibooks, all Wikinews, all Wikiquotes, all Wikiquotes, all Wikisources, all Wikiversities and all the other WMF wikis.

We are really happy with our end of year activity, it is not only the people who localise who walk the extra mile, it is also the MediaWiki developers at Betawiki who improve the texts of many messages, who create text that supports the localisers and who implement, check and improve on the internationalisation of MediaWiki and its extensions.

The "other" MediaWiki users, often use one of the stable versions. For these people and organisations Betawiki maintains a list of the messages for the 1.12 and 1.13 stable versions. Today Siebrand exported these messages to SVN; consequently you can update from SVN. Alternatively you can go to Betawiki and export the messages for one language at a time.

Betawiki is about languages and English is key because all the MediaWiki software is developed in English. Many people improve MediaWiki for their language and many more people can make a difference..

You can make that difference :)

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