Monday, February 09, 2009

Nikerabbit's laptop

Nikerabbit is the principal developer at Betawiki. He came to Fosdem this year. We had a great time; it was great to have people like MinuteElectron, Siebrand an Nikerabbit meet Brion. It was important to discuss what we can do with the MediaWiki internationalisation and localisation and what we cannot. It was really important that Nikerabbit was there.

When we came back to our car, we had the unpleasant surprise that the car had been broken in to. Nikerabbit's bachpack with his laptop, his passport and his clothes was gone. Niklas is a student. He works as a volunteer. His work is indispensible.

If you can help Niklas out, it would be really welcome.
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