Friday, March 22, 2013

#FUEL makes for standards in localisations

#RedHat and #Wikimedia Foundation engineers have been collaborating on providing support for the languages of India for some time now. However, both Red Hat and the Wikimedia Foundation support people from all over the world. Both organisations know the perils of internationalisation intimately well.

As this cooperation is progressing nicely, one of the early results can be found at This is where MediaWiki is localised and this is where software is localised in more languages than anywhere else. What you will find is that the Fuelproject can now be localised in other languages than the languages from India.

This project "aims at solving the Problem of Inconsistency and Lack of standardization in Software Translation across the platform". For this to work optimally, such an approach should not be restricted to India but it should be aimed to any and all languages.

How the terminology defined in FUEL will be used in is not yet clear. What is obvious is the intention to standardise terminology as much as possible. This will make using software more predictable and that is very much to the benefit of everyone.

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