Thursday, March 28, 2013

I want #Wikimedia #statistics I can rely on

Erik Moeller asked the question; "what statistics do you like best, do you think most relevant". My answer is: statistics I can rely on.

There are several developers working on statistics. Many more than several years ago. I am sure that there is a need for data driven development and I am sure that the underlying numbers for many projects require time and effort. It does not mean that the statistics that are updated on a daily basis can be neglected.

Today I learned that two new Wikivoyage projects were created; one in Hebrew and one in Ukrainian. And after more than a month I checked the statistics for pageviews for Wikivoyage. They are still very much broken. There are other bugs that I reported as well. I cannot be bothered to check their continued existence.

Erik really, having statistics is wonderful. Having many statistics is evn better. It does not matter at all if you cannot rely on them. That way they become the infamous mantra of "Lies, damned lies and statistics".

Hmmm, I am complaining here. Check out my blog; I use statistics frequently to report on things Wiki.


Erik Zachte said...

Could you be more specific than "other bugs". I know of two minor issues (compared to other stuff in our backlog) which you reported which need attention:

Indication for highest month is wrong in

New wikis codes not yet included

Anything else?

Jamie Thingelstad said...

I've been working on a Semantic MediaWiki that is monitoring and graphing other wikis. You might find it interesting. Check out WikiApiary. To continue your reference to Wikivoyage, you can see individual Wikivoyage sites as well as the Wikivoyage farm. I'm current tracking over 5,000 wikis and anyone is welcome to sign in and add more.