Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#Wikidata - one million edits

Thanks to Magnus's tools, making a million edits is feasible. It has helped me that I have a plan. The plan is to gain functionality from the data that is included. Functionality that is available today, functionality that is not a mirage of what the future may hold.

The most important tool is Reasonator. It shows best what information exists for an item and it includes up to 500 items that refer to an item. It is so important because it provides me with instant gratification; you see things grow as they happen. The automagic is great; maps, timelines, the higher "classes" they pop up when they become applicable.

Very important is Autolist [1] and Autolist2 [2]. They are tools that add loads and loads of statements one at a time for me. It is important to restrict updates to the subclass or instance they should operate on.. For instance when adding "female", the item must be "human".

One aim of Wikidata is to be able to have information available for info-boxes of a Wikipedia. To make this possible it is a requirement that for each article there is an item. Creator is the tool that can create these missing items.

Obviously, all the harvesting needs to be done again for all those new items.  Toolscript makes this possible. I just have to figure out how to do this.

To put things in perspective, with one million edits only the surface has been scratched. There are some 15,259,555 items to operate on.. However, the effect is noticeable in the auto descriptions and in the Wikidata search results.. There are fewer items that have nothing to describe them.

[1] Categories with human that show what Wikidata thinks should be in them. Currently 337 of them
[2] Females on the Chinese Wikipedia that are not known as such. There were 1873 of them...

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