Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#Wikidata - #Death is taking a break

It has been my pleasure to kill of many of the people who died in 2014 in Wikidata. It has been a struggle to keep up; they never stop. I use a tool to find most of them. It died on me and now I am taking a break.

The tool was developed by Magnus and like all the other tools of him it serves a purpose, it is even important, there is no alternative. When it breaks, there is the convenient excuse: "it is not official".

It is convenient and it ignores how important these tools are. Both the Wikimedia foundation and the chapters know how important these tools are and find it inconvenient when this is pointed out to them. Do they have a responsibility in this; is it important that the GLAMS are supported in their need for statistics?

This self absorption means that only their own stuff is deemed worthwhile enough for support never mind that it does not have the oomph to deliver, never mind that their alternative is only a mirage in a developers mind.

In the end it takes a Magnus to support many of the tools that make a difference in the real world. Magnus is taking a needed break. I wish him health, joy and happiness for the coming year. He is my Wikimedian of the year.

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