Sunday, December 07, 2014

#Wikipedia- The numbers are what ?

So the numbers are flat.. You want initiatives that help provide us with relevance.. Ok, how about this scenario:

A reader queries Wikipedia for a subject and does not find it. Many more people query for this subject and it becomes the most wanted subject without an article. An editor writes the article and it proves popular. It becomes the most read new article in the next month.

In this way:
  • we give our search statistics a purpose
  • we indicate what subjects our readers want articles about
  • we celebrate the most read new articles and their editors
  • we advertise that we ask our editors to write articles people are looking for
  • we can do this for every Wikipedia in every language
Yes, we can provide search results from Wikidata as well. When people make use of this, it counts as a not found instance. In the mean time we did provide information that is available to us.

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