Sunday, September 06, 2015

#Wikidata - Tiberius, Modestus and Florentia

Tiberius, Modestus and Flotentia are three Catholic martyrs. There is a Dutch article by that name and Kian has it on its "problems list".

Lists like these "lists of possible mistakes" are necessary. At best they are an evolutionary step between having no awareness and being aware of issues. It would be wonderful when there are workflows for fixing issues in a way that prevents them from reappearing on such a list.

For these three martyrs new items were added and they are linked to the item for a "group of people". Joseph Guislain is in the Dutch article also a museum in Ghent. It is easy enough to add an item for the museum and link him to the person. But will it fix this issue for Wikidata?

Workflows for the issues that we face would be wonderful:
  • when done, an item should disappear from a "to do" list
  • it should be more obvious what it is that will fix an issue
  • when we identify martyrs or whatever, we should involve people who are into the related subjects
Magnus has many tools that have people fix things. They are workflows we could adopt and by doing this make them even easier to use.

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