Thursday, July 07, 2016

#Wikimedia chapters

As a movement, much of the local effort is channeled through chapters. A lot of important work is done because they provide continuance to the work that we do. It enables us to foster relations and organise the more complicated activities.

The map shows beautifully where national chapters exist. In the USA chapters do exist but the map does not acknowledge this.

Typically I am content with the information that is shown through the Reasonator, it however has its limits. This is where the lists maintained through ListeriaBot become relevant. This list of chapters shows additional columns like "country" and start "date". It enables sorting and this is relevant functionality. The same list may exist on a Wiki supporting a different language, for instance Dutch. The cool thing is that the same bot will at some stage update all these "similar" lists. It is just a matter of completing the data for better use.

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