Friday, January 13, 2012


April 9, 2005 knew the first blog post and today I celebrate blog post no 2000. At the time I announced that I would promote the good cause of the "ultimate wiktionary" now OmegaWiki and at this time it has broadened to the support of Wikis, languages and things I find relevant.

Blog post no 1000 was only two years ago and number 1500 was in Februari last year. According to Blogger there have been 211143 page views and given that my blog is also aggregated the true number of page views must be larger. What matters to me is that the message of languages and language support is getting its public.

Seven years ago, supporting other languages was not considered much of a priority; support was very much focussed on Wikipedia and European languages at that. Nowadays, language support is provided in MediaWiki itself by a development team and the support includes localisation, support for gender, plural and grammar in messages, web fonts, input methods, direction.

With the increased support for languages we are getting more and more a situation where it is almost as easy to edit MediaWiki in most languages as it is in English. It is understood that we will only reach this situation when any application uses the same building blocks for language support. Once these building blocks are defined in standards, libraries and code generators can implement them making them available to any developer for any application.

There are still plenty of challenges ahead of us.

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