Thursday, May 03, 2012

A #CLDR walkthrough

For #MediaWiki, the CLDR information is important. Sadly for many of the languages supported in a Wikimedia Foundation project the information is not (yet) available. Several things are needed;
  • People who know their language well enough to enter the data
  • People who know their language well enough to verify the data entered
These people exist for any language. The question is what does it take for people to enter the data. For the Asturian language, a language from Spain, the data is now being entered. 

One of the things that may help is instructional material and, it is quite wonderful that an instruction video has just been released. To quote the message announcing the material:
A new 52-minute walkthrough video is now available, showing how to use the CLDR Survey Tool to enter data, and prioritize your work. The video and explanatory material are available on this CLDR site page.

So please watch the video and do what you can do for your language.
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