Wednesday, May 02, 2012

#Money for #Wikimedia related projects

Are you passionate about this one idea, this one project that will make a difference in your opinion? Do you know how to run such a project and it is the lack of money that prevents you from executing this plan?

When this description fits you, you should know that the board of the Wikimedia Foundation passed a resolution to create a "Funds Dissemination Committee". The guidelines for this committee are being set up and they want your input.

The cool thing is that there will be a process to get more done and financed. Obviously it needs to arguably be a project that will benefit the Wikimedia movement. At this time you can help define the arguments. This project is run by the Wikimedia Foundation and the Bridgespan Group.

There are two things you can do:
  • Help create a sane funds dissemination process
  • Plan and prepare "must have" projects that need funding and that you can run
What is really interesting is that it will be Wikimedia, not Wikipedia related. This means that all the existing bright ideas about the other projects can be reconsidered. When you are able to sell your idea to this new committee, you may find yourself realising a long held ambition.
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