Friday, May 04, 2012

Font subsets III

#Google web fonts is important. A major player makes freely licensed fonts available for general use. They allow people to be more expressive because the right font adds to the message. They allow people to contribute to existing fonts and make new fonts available.

Both Google and the Wikimedia Foundation invest in freely licensed web fonts and because of this, an opportunity for cooperation exists. The Wikimedia Foundation supports all languages in all scripts particularly for use in its projects and Google supports the world with its Google docs where people can use web fonts in their own documents and in their own language.

As the two organisations complement each other so well, it would be great when they share their web fonts. Wikipedia can become more expressive and for Google docs usable fonts can be associated with the languages that they support. A combined outreach of Google and the WMF will make web fonts even more visible and it will make the effort of both organisations even more relevant.
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