Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Legacy projects II

When tools are no longer maintained, when they are no longer promoted, they die. The good news is that the tools created for the Myanmar language created by Keith Stribley have found a new home.

The question is to what extend are they salvageable and is it worth the effort. For software there are two primary considerations; copyright and licensing and, the source code.

Without source code the first question is less relevant and, the reference to the mercurial repositories is a reference to Keith's old website. This old website is gone. There are references to the CC-by-sa license on some pages but for software such a license is not really appropriate.

When you look at the subjects Keith covered, they are still very much relevant and impressive. At the Myanmar Wikipedia two out of three webfonts do not work for me. We do not have an input method yet. It will be great when we find that the tools Keith created can find another use.

The result of my previous post is this update. I hope that there will be a future update to this post bringing you more positive news.
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