Friday, May 11, 2012

#MathJax is looking for #money

#Mathematics is said to be a language of its own. When you look at a formula, all the logic is in the formula and any text only aids in the understanding. Who cares for text..

This must have been what the developers of MathJax had in mind when they wrote their application. It is all about mathematics and all the rest is obvious eh, English.

MathJax CDN is what the people behind MathJax are asking money for. It provides a service that gives you beautifully presented mathematical formulae in your browser. Because MathJax knows YOUR browser, it does the best for the web page that is provided.

To finance the CDN service, they are asking for donations. I do understand English so I can inform you that at the time of publishing this blog post they had $370.00 in pledges.

Sadly both the MathJax software and the MathJax website are not internationalised. As you can read in this mail, the software will need to be adapted to allow for localisations. When the MathJax developers work together with the fine people at, they will find people who can advise them on how to internationalise. Recently the JavaScript used by MediaWiki has been adapted to use grammatical gender and plural. Possibly the code or the expertise can be used for MathJax as well.

Once MathJax is internationalised it will be localised in many languages .. There are many proud mathematical cultures and traditions outside of the English speaking world. Given that MathJax is already more or less usable in the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation, is the obvious choice for the MathJax localisation.

When everything is said and done, the request for donations will be made in other languages as well. It surely helps when you address people in their own language.
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