Thursday, August 22, 2013

The new #Vietnamese #Wikivoyage

Recently a new Wiki was created for the Vietnamese Wikivoyage. At that time the language committee is informed that its process is done because the relevant Bugzilla bug is resolved

Once a project is created, there are always these small details that still have to be sorted out. The most important thing is that the new project can be found in the many places where it should be added. The most obvious one is at another is the statistics page for Wikivoyage. Finally the Vietnamese articles have to become known in Wikidata.

Now that the interwiki links of Wikivoyage are maintained at Wikidata, it is not clear to me when the links are picked up by a bot. I do not have the skills to change the template for the main page of Wikivoyage. The one thing I have done is inform the relevant person to add the Vietnamese Wikivoyage to the statistics page; that is something that takes its time.

At some stage all these things get resolved. It would help if it is part of the process to create a new Wiki.

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