Wednesday, October 08, 2014

#Wikidata - Does Mr Ulibarri live and when he does, then what ?

According to the #Portuguese #Wikipedia, Mr Ulibarri died. The date of his demise was given as June 1 2014. It was marked in a category of people who died, then it was picked up by tools and consequently Mr Ulibarri was marked as dead in Wikidata.

According to some, unsourced facts should not be in Wikidata and a Wikipedia is not a source. It is part of a blame game; I was accused of entering wrong information.

I prefer to live by the motto that I am proud of the mistakes I make; they prove that I am productive. Realistically, Wikidata has hardly any sources when you remove all the Wikipedias from the equation. Errors will be included all the time by me and by countless others. There is no helping that.

For those Wikipedias who expect sources for all statements; tough. It won't happen any time soon. The best that can be expected is that comparisons are made. Differences will be found in that way and they can be fixed where needed. In the case of Mr Ulibarri it is suggested that it is a case of mistaken identities. A Mr Marinho Chagas died, he was also a soccer star.  Mr Ulibarri's full name however is Mario Peres Ulibarri, he is also known as Marinho Peres.

An unanimous user edited the Portuguese Wikipedia and made Mr Ulibarri live again. It was commented that there are no sources for his demise. I am happy for Mr Ulibarri that it turned out all right for him.
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