Friday, November 14, 2014

#Wikidata - Thanks for the Book Award

It is very rewarding to read a good book and, it is great when good books find their way to you. There are many literary awards known in Wikidata and the "Thanks for the Book Award" is one of many.

This award has Wikipedia articles on eight Wikipedias. It is a Finnish award and every year there is a new winner. This year it was Pauliina Rauhala for her book "Taivaslaulu".

Most of the Wikipedia articles have not been maintained for quite some time. They are not aware of Mrs Rauhala for instance.

To improve on the Wikipedia articles, all it takes is a mechanism to highlight when a new award is given in a year, The data can be found in Wikidata and, as you can see, in Reasonator we have the timelines showing the winners in order.

As we have the data, we can query for this years awards. With hidden queries, we can exclude those articles that are known to have a winner. It is not hard, it is motivating to share in the sum of all available knowledge.

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