Monday, November 03, 2014

#Wikipedia - Hey, #College Boy !!

You know the answer for this question: "What can Wikipedia do for you", A more interesting question is: "What can you do for Wikipedia".

So you are on this wonderful college where people who changed the world have been educated right?  Well, never mind what your college says, it is Wikipedia and Wikidata where you find public data about graduates that are considered notable enough.

You may find them in articles, in categories or in none of the above in combination with you college. Wikidata is another place where you find them as well.

Now the questions you might want answer to are:
  • how many graduates are notable enough for one or more Wikipedia articles
  • how many graduates do we know
  • what are those graduates also known for
  • what are the most linked to statements for your graduates
College boy, and girl, you are getting an education. This challenge seems trivial, how will you show what the Wikiverse knows about the people associated with your college..

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