Wednesday, May 25, 2005


"babel" is a template used on several Wikimedia projects. It intends to inform about the language skills of a person. I am not a particularly good at languages I only care to post about three languages on my user page. The rating is funny because you rate yourself; I do not think much of my German skills, Sabine thinks I should be a de-2 .. She is a "profi" at this language :)

What a template like this can be used for, is not only indicate who has some expertise in some language but also to use it as a filter on the recent changes in an Ultimate Wiktionary. This could function in a same way as it would work for the inclusion/exclusion of bots.

Another use would be to help indicate who shares knowledge of a language, this in turn could help form a community for a language.. I can appreciate that there could be a need for a "village well" or a "kroeg" for each community.

One thing I did find was that it is also a bit of information where you need LOADSA localisation.. There are three templates for each language; Oscar one of my Dutch Wikipedia friends is a tr-3 there is no template for that yet. His being only a tr-3 means that you cannot expect him to write this template in Turkish :)


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nasılsın gerard?

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