Sunday, May 08, 2005

It is lonely at the head of a curve

Call it hubris, but I am making a difference in the wiktionary world. I have made it possible for programming on the Ultimate Wiktionary to start. I got into contact with GEMET and it may result into something great. I will be the first to acknowledge that it is something whose time had come and that what I have done would not have been possible without the inspriration from people like Sabine Cretella.

But it is hard to communicate the vision that we have. Why UW may make a difference. It is hard to communicate what will be included, why UW may gain a big community why it will matter practically what UW becomes.

People complain that I am not forthcoming with information about what is going on. But I am at a loss how to be more open and communicative. The problem is that there are so many seperate groups of people that start to know UW and want to be informed. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be everything to all.

Today I have finally finished and send an article to LISA, it took me two weeks to write because I consider working with them vitally important. The best thing that can happen is when we get a bigger community around UW. It will make it even more difficult but it will not be so much dependent of a few people.


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