Saturday, July 07, 2007

Another BBC journalist comes home

Another BBC journalist came home. I was so happy to write about Alan Johnston coming home. In the same week Frances Harrison is coming home from Iran. Frances was the bureau chief of the BBC in Tehran, in her last presentation she writes how people are afraid to talk to the BBC because they fear for their liberty, their freedom. Frances writes how she struggles with her conscience because she has to justify her need as a journalist with the danger that goes with it.

I am moved, I know several Iranians; they are wonderful people. I have been to concerts of Persian music, it is enchanting. I am saddened because with this continued breakdown of the free exchange of ideas with the deterioration of the freedom of the press, this wonderful country, these wonderful people may become painted even more as an enemy of our culture.

Frances writes: "
The Islamic system of government has deliberately erased much of what was Persian culture and it is only by looking hard that you can catch glimpses of the past." It is self righteous politicians that try to make the world in their own image. It is self righteous politicians that do not allow their own and their own actions to be judged in the same way as they judge others.

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