Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finaly, Ariana may stay

I know Ariana for many years, I see her every so often. She is a nice bright woman, a registered nurse and a university student. She is also from Kosovo and escaped the atrocities of war and fled to the Netherlands.

When Ariana got her nursing diploma she was not allowed to work, she was a refugee. After many years she finally got her permit to stay in the Netherlands. Many of the people that know Ariana have been appalled by the, in our eyes un-just, policies of the Dutch government. Not only my mother was willing to provide her with a sanctuary and sabotage these loathed policies that deal with refugees.

I am happy that Ariana can stay and now has more of a future. It is a shame that she has had to suffer all these years of uncertainty and doubt that have added to an already troubled past.


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MovGP0 said...

This is not only a shame for the Netherlands, but a shame for most countries and peoples.

Politicians and industry say that they want well educated peoples. But when looking at the current right situation it don't seems to be so.

It should be much easier for all immigrants--not only the well educated--finding a new home and work. There is more then enough of work to do for human-rights organizations and politicians to improve the current situation.