Saturday, June 28, 2008

Norwegian Sign Language

Today I learned from a mailing list that Norwegian Sign Language is recognised as an official language of Norway. This is good news. I understand it to mean that there is now a legal recognition for the fact that sign language is a legal method of communication between a state and its citizens.

In the e-mail thread, the question was raised if there is a list of sign languages that have an official status. I found this list on the English Wikipedia, it already included the Norwegian Sign Language as it was already recognised in the Norwegian education.

Reading the article, I found that as I personally do not have a link to the official Norwegian announcement or to a press release in English I will not change the list of sign languages nor the article on the Norwegian Sign Language. It is funny to find myself not changing a Wikipedia article; I feel restricted by the English language Wikipedia policies...

I am sure that someone else, someone who is also happy with this development will either provide me with a source or better, will update the article for all of us :)
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