Monday, June 16, 2008

WOTD: spiaggia

"Spiaggia" is the word of the day. I have been to the beach in Maiori, and as you may have learned from a blog entry from Sabine I am in Naples. As I was a day "early", I have been privy to one of the delights of Sabine's hometown, the beach. Sabine loves to excercise by swimming. As it was a really nice sunny day, I went with her, I had a nice swim and afterwards enjoyed the sun a little bit too much, making my upper right leg turn a nice shade of red. The lower right leg is fine because that is used to the sun because my running clothes gave it the exposure that prevented a sunburn.

When you read Sabine's blog entry, you can imagine that I spend considerable time waiting for her to arrive at the Naples airport. The worry if she was ok, was the worst bit. Eventually I decided to send her an e-mail that I would come to her by bus. The cost of Internet at the Naples airport is a rip off.

Travelling can be nice, I met nice people underway, a really helpful American lady who helped a stranded guy find the right bus at the Naples central station; it was going by train to Sorento, on the train I met a guy who was happy to excercise his English on me and once in Sorento I met two ladies who were with the Irish office in Spain.. The bus took me along some of the most beautiful stretches of the Italian coast and I was really happy to find Sabine waiting for me at the bus stop :)

When you work as intensively with someone like Sabine, it is really helpful when you occasionaly meet. We had to meet in Bamberg anyway and as Sabine was driving, she invited me to come and prepare the meeting together. Given that a train ticket to Germany is almost as expensive as the cost of plane ticket it makes great sense.

It drives home the fact how much my "office" is in being able to connect to the Internet and have my data available to me. It is only the personal and private stuff that I miss here ... like teaching someone to cycle and a dear friend.
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