Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too darn hot

I am in Maiori Italy. It is hot. It is 38 °C. In the Netherlands where I live the weather is a more comfortable 21 °C. When I get home it is not unlikely that I will find it cold.

When summer temperatures are constantly above 30 °C, many things are different. This shapes the culture, the people, yesterday we had a pizza in the lemon garden of the "Bar Pineta". Today we went swimming in the sea; school children were there with their teachers, Dominican nuns, because as it is too warm in summer, the curriculum is condensed in the more moderate months of the year; kids do go to school on Saturday...

When you hang your clothes out to dry, you have to take into account the power of the sun; it bleaches your clothes so you hang them inside out. It is quite nice to have a siesta .. so you work some more hours in the evening or at night, but in this way you do not suffer the heat that much.

Kids like their chocolate, you do not buy it in summer as it melts. Oh, and Sabine paints her hair in winter; this is when it gets its original colour; everybody has a "coup de soleil" in summer :)

There are many small things like this, but all in all it is too darn hot ... for me :)
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