Monday, January 18, 2010 preparing for an upgrade

With the number of languages, the number of applications, the number of messages per application but best of all the size of our community growing all the time, it is no wonder that the server capacity ,so graciously donated by netcup, did not fit our requirements any more. The scripts that update our statistics or update the source repositories started to take longer and longer. Our developers were fighting an up hill battle to keep our code sane, efficient and functional and consequently our system suffered.

There are solutions to such problems and, we are really happy to announce that Netcup has been so gracious to provide us with an improved service.

We will start the migration on the 19th of January at 18.00 UTC. The old service will go read only, and once we are done, we hope that you will come and see to what extend we can hammer our system localising some of the best Open Source software around.

If you are more interested to learn if we truly need this new service, you are welcome to peruse the bugs and feature requests and help us ensure that it will take a long time before we need another upgrade. On the other hand, with improved capacity, we may find new challenges for our community any way.

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