Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wikis waiting to be renamed

Many a #Wikipedia was created before  the language policy was created. One of the requirements of the language policy is that any request for a new Wikipedia is in a language that is recognised in the ISO-639-3 standard.

At that time several Wikipedias were created that were not recognised as a language. In the mean time several of these have been recognised as a language and as a consequence have their own code.

bat-smg -> sgs (wikipedia)
fiu-vro -> vro (wikipedia)
zh-classical -> lzh (wikipedia)
zh-min-nan -> nan (wikipedia, wiktionary, wikibooks, wikiquote, wikisource)
zh-yue -> yue (wikipedia)

With the deployment of  bug 34866, an important improvement has been realised; the content of the Wikis involved do now indicate correctly in what language they are written. This helps because there is now more content correctly available on the Internet.

It is a relevant step in the direction of giving many wikis the name we would like them to have.

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